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Baltic Amber Misbaha Prayer Rosary 57 g, Natural Green Amber Rosary with 33 Prayer Beads, Olive-shaped Islamic Tasbih Prayer


This particular misbaha prayer is made from genuine Baltic amber in unique organic color, balancing between green, yellow and brown. Each of the 33 tasbih amber prayer beads contains 40 million old history of the Earth. You can easily notice inside the trapped organic matter and air bubbles, what makes the subha beads so unique and unrepeatable. Each of the natural rosary element is gently polished, what makes that the amber surface reflects the sunlight. The eye-catching olive-shaped worry beads will make you feel very special wearing it on everyday basis. The amber itself is more pleasant to handle than non-organic materials.


Premium quality Hand Made Genuine Baltic Amber Misbaha Prayer

33 beads, between each 11 beads small amber chips

Beads size ~ 17 x 13 mm (0.67 x 0.51")

Beads shape: Olives

Weight: 57 grams (0.13 lb)

Color: Green/Yellow/Brown

Imam size: 40 x 13 mm (1.6 x 0.51")

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If you need a special size, we would be happy to make it to your specifications.

Each Misbaha is a work of handcrafted professionals who have a years of experience in this field. All amber Misbaha are made of genuine organic Baltic amber, only can vary by size, color, shape and length. It is not an artificial or plastic amber substitute.

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