Surfing in Poland?! Why not!

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Surfing in Poland?! Why not!

Surely you've never imagined Poland as a surfing destination, but Baltic Sea has its secrets... 

"In order to get waves for surfing, Polish riders have to wait for strong onshore winds to build swell followed by a brief period of cross or offshore winds. Forget groundswells in Poland, but you can expect low-salt waters and, therefore, fast moving waves. Temperatures can reach frigid conditions in the winter and fall, but summer brings warm vibes of 60-70F (18-21C)" writes

Boreal Amber Team has decided to check the surfing conditions on Hel Peninsula (northern Poland). We were lucky with the weather- the waves were reaching up to 1.8 meters!

Magdalena, Boreal Amber CEO, is looking forward to catch her perfect wave.

Magdalena is enjoying the sunset after surfing in genuine Baltic amber butterscotch bracelets.


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